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Longwood Arenas, horse riding arena origin story begins 44 years ago in Prior Lake Minnesota.

Although horse riding arenas were not the family business the construction and maintenance of these arenas on the family farm became a family affair. Childhood afternoons consisted of my brother and I riding on the back of arena drags as human weight blocks which was cheap labor and cheap childcare for two young boys.

This daily chore was more entertainment than work to us two boys who at the time didn’t realize we were being instructed by one of the masters of equestrian development herself my mother, Betsy Watkins.

The construction of Longwood Farm North would eventually grow to offer 3 riding arenas of various types of footing to clientele, friends and family.

In 1993 we acquired Longwood Farm South in Ocala Florida. The acquisition and construction of this new facility allowed my mother to stretch her creative wings and develop one of the finest multi-discipline equestrian training facilities in Florida, hosting the United States and Canadian Olympic training winters sessions for many years.

The development of Longwood Farm North and South throughout our 44 year history has allowed us to experiment with hundreds of types of equestrian development projects. We have had the honor of working with some of the greatest olympians in the history of multiple disciplines to better understand the needs of equestrians and equine athletes.

Over the last 44 years we have experimented with horse riding arena footing that has mimicked equestrian surfaces from all over the world. This research and experimentation has lead us to develop an extensive knowledge base about equestrian development and horse arena footing.

There is no greater understanding in a subject than real world trial and error process, and when it comes to horse arena footing we have literally done it all on our own facility before ever even thinking of offering our services to clients.

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Longwood Arenas equestrian services

  • All weather arena builds
  • Exercise tracks
  • Round pens
  • Stables / barns
  • Grading and land levelling for paddocks
  • Arena drainage renovations
  • Surface replacement and top ups
  • GGT – footing installation
  • Arena groomers supplied

Our prices will not be beat!

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What makes a great riding arena

Longwood Arenas will build any type of arena footing a client desires, but our specialty is geo-textile all weather arenas. The construction of these arenas is a complex process that utilizes state-of-the-art geo-textile separation barriers and drainage systems that date back to early Roman times. This blend of modern technology and age old proven drainage techniques creates an areana for horses to perform at the highest of their physical ability.

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