World Cup Final’s Aaron Vale’s Best Year Yet

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Aaron Vale has been in the saddle since before he was born. Vale grew up in an equestrian family where he proved to have early talent on a horse. He has been successful in all three of the nation’s top equitation finals as a junior and has gone on to claim many hunter victories alongside his incredibly successful grand prix career. Since installing an all-weather Arena with GGT footing by Longwood Arenas in 2019, Vale has found himself at the top of his game, acquiring a record number of grand prix victories and the most prize money won in a year. See below to hear how Vale credits his collaboration with Longwood Arenas as his arena builder as being crucial to the best year of his career. 

“Footing is a huge factor. It needs to be consistent, it needs to be firm, and it needs to be cushiony all at the same time. Since my Longwood arena has been in,  I've had the best year of my career. Whether it's dry or wet weather, my arena is the same all of the time so I get consistent conditions no matter what’s happening with mother nature. You know the riding surface is always perfect and I think that's a huge help in never missing a school. If you’ve got a grand prix coming up in three days and you want to jump the horse two days ahead of that,  never missing that day because the arena’s flooded or something sure makes a difference in being able to be prepared.”

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