How to Handle the Aftermath of a Big Storm - Arena Maintenance

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A big storm just hit. Now what?

It's pretty easy. Depending on what kind of arena you have, just see below. A well maintained arena performs better and lasts longer. So let's do it right!

Longwood Arenas is here to help! And at any point, if you don't want to read about how to do it yourself and want us to come out and get you on a maintenance plan, we are happy to do that as well. Call or text us today!

ALL Weather arenas: Wait for any visible water to dissipate through the drains and groom away! You could technically groom during a storm but we recommend keeping the big steel objects in the garage when there is lightning closeby!

Standard base arenas (with or without fiber): Wait for your arena to dry out and then groom like normal.

Sand/clay base arenas: Wait for the arena to completely dry out and proceed as normal.

Pro-tip: DO IT AHEAD OF TIME! If your arena is well groomed before a storm hits, the water will run-off and drain better, regardless of the base. If you have a sand/clay base, do yourself a favor and roll it ahead of time as well. Think about it like this, hoof prints trap water...groomed arenas drain better. If you don't have drains under your arena (i.e an All Weather base), your arena will dry faster if you groom it BEFORE the rain hits.

Reminder: The best base to install for arenas with heavy usage in wet areas is the all weather GGT riding arena. Especially in Florida where summer rains can change how many horses a rider or trainer can check off the list in a day!

Happy riding!

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