Where Should You place Your Arena?

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One thought people almost always forget about when discussing building an arena is the consideration that you need to give to the land outside of the arena. Putting it simply, a good arena requires careful consideration of a lot of different elements and an extensive amount of planning. This should come as no surprise, but what may be a little less obvious is that  the ground outside of the arena is almost as important as the area where you build your arena.

Here are a few questions to consider before building your new arena:

  1. Is there a slope or downhill curve? 
  1. Does the ground naturally hold water at the surface or does it drain well? 
  1. Could there potentially be an issue with root growth in the future? 

The best way to get started with your arena build is to find a space that checks the boxes for most of these requirements. By starting with an area on your property that already meets your needs, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with the initial landscape and clearing process. 

The most important thing you need to focus on is if the land has a downward slope or significant runoff area. This is important because it will allow the builder to create the arena on the more natural level of the terrain, rather than significantly raising the base for the arena to ensure water runs away from it. If you find that your area naturally holds on to water, you probably should revisit your sight options and seek out somewhere on the property with a slightly different soil makeup that already promotes good drainage. 

Finally, consider what could cause potential future issues - we find that what is usually an issue is natural land elements like tree roots. When considering your space, look for an area with little to no foliage, or be ready to start with a good amount of clearing in your initial phase. Tree roots can spread much wider and further than they appear over long periods of time, which then leads to potential issues with drainage pipes or the foundation of your arena itself down the road. 

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