Veterinarian's Recommend Longwood Arenas

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Listen to Dr. Courtney Varney share her thoughts on the importance of an arena that gives your horse support to ride every single day. She also shares her personal experience with the Longwood team.

"My name is Dr. Courtney Varney. I work at Ocala Equine Hospital. My main focus is in sports medicine. I work on a variety of sport horses in Ocala. Jumpers, dressage, eventers and also different breed disciplines. I've been working in the Ocala area for about ten years. Joe Watkins did my personal arena footing and we've been very happy with his customer service. He's extremely reliable in terms of upkeep. I've had the arena about five years now and even down the line, if I've had any problems or changes, the weather's affected it in a certain way, he's been right there for me. He's come to my farm personally and groomed it for me before season just to make sure it's graded and level. He and his team have been there for me, you know, since the time I purchased it and all the way through maintenance, I have noticed a difference riding in this arena. It gives when it should. It provides support when it needs to. I feel like the surface is maintained in a really consistent manner, which allows me to train my horses in the same way every day."

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