• GGT German Geo-Textile Footing

Riding Arena Surfaces from Longwood Arenas

If the design and installation is at the heart of the riding arena construction process the riding arena surface is the soul. The correct GGT surface breathes life into the arena and allows your horse to move freely with minimal impact concussion and good support through the phases their legs rotate whilst in motion.

At Longwood Arenas we believe a geo-textile (GGT) footing provides the best surface for our arenas and for the well-being of the horse. We make it our priority to ensure that the GGT footing depth is correct to give the ideal surface – not too hard to prevent the maximum absorption of impact shock or too soft reducing the support on the legs.

The Longwood Arenas surface range

GGT All Weather Arena

The ultimate arena for year round performance rain or shine use. We would recommend this arena for anyone that is summering in Florida when daily rain storms ruin most arenas. This arena has our custom blended German Geo-Textile footing on top of a comprehensive drainage system. We use two Geo-Textile separation barriers and dual walled drain pipe to make sure your arena lasts and the drainage performs for years to come. This arena is our go to choice for professionals training multiple horses every day no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. We often tell people with our all weather arenas you can ride in a hurricane.

GGT Standard Arena

The greatest arena footing on earth but keeping budgets in mind. This arena provides you with the very same custom German Geo-Textile footing as our more expensive all weather arenas but with a standard stone dust base. This arena uses laser guided equipment to gradet your arena on a very slight pitch so the water flows off the surface but does not erode the footing. We would recommend this arena for anyone wintering in Florida during the season when we do not receive a lot of rainfall but still demand the very best surface for your horses. We often tell people with our standard arenas you ride as soon as the rain stops.

Sand Arena

This arena is what we call the DIY arena. We build this arena the to the same specifications as our German Geo-Textile Standard arenas with the same sand and base material but just exclude the fiber. This gives our clients the opportunity to select a different additive or sometimes no additive at all. This is the most affordable option for people looking to have a wonderful foundation work off of with any fiber additive on the market. We will provide consulting services and aid you in mixing whatever additive you decide on, even though we think GGT is the best!

Sand / Clay Arena

This arena provides an affordable surface for all sorts of disciplines. Our sand clay mixture is a proven mix that performs to the best of its ability year round.

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  • All Weather GGT (German Geo-Textile) Arena Cross Section
    All Weather (German Geo-Textile) Arena Cross Section

GGT-Footing™ blends

GGT-Footing™ Pleasure Blend

Focused on the comfort of the horse, GGT Pleasure Blend is the number one choice for riders at any level.

  • Can be mixed into existing or new arenas
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Contains 10% Fiber and 90% GEO
  • Economically priced, suitable for many disciplines
  • Provides structure to your sand
  • Helps prevent slippage
  • Improves water retention
  • Resistance to compaction
  • non-toxic, non-allergenic, uv resistant

GGT-Footing™ Dressage Blend

With the demands of Dressage on our minds, we have developed the perfect blend to meet any Dressage needs.

  • Contains 15% Fiber 85% GEO
  • Stabilizes a greater variety of sand
  • Optimal for dressage or light traffic
  • Includes all features of pleasure blend
  • Offers energy rebound
  • Enhanced shear for your equestrian arena

GGT-Footing™ Jumping Blend

Increasing the ratio of fiber to GEO, GGT-Footing™ has developed a perfect combination of footing to provide the best  jumping focused blend.

  • Contains 30% Fiber and 70% GEO
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Higher fiber content to support horse in jump-off and landing area
  • Includes all benefits of the dressage blend
  • Excellent energy rebound
  • protection for equine joints and ligaments

GGT-Footing™ Competition Blend

With the confidence of competition venues from around the world, GGT-Footing™ is proud to provide the perfect combination of Fiber and GEO for any equine event.

  • All benefits of jumper blend
  • Increased ratio of fiber to geo
  • Contains 50% Fiber and 50% GEO
  • Maximizes impact resistance
  • Best for 1.20m and above
  • Optimal spring for energy rebound
  • Facilitates highest resistance for a strong jump, and secure landing
  • Max resistance against compaction
  • Max stability and shear

GGT-Footing™ Western Blend

Designed for Olympic level reigning competition, brought to you for personal use by GGT- Footing™. We have custom chop size and fiber according to your western discipline.

  • Easy to blend
  • 100% GEO
  • loose and smooth for Western dressage
  • shear resistant and compact for cutting work with cattle
  • Dust free 
  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • prevents compaction
  • suitable for sliding stops
  • hoof friendly and moisture regulating

Suitable for reigning, cutting, pleasure, cow-horse, barrel-race, trail

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GGT Butterfly Mats

Our GGT Footing Butterfly Mats are a state of the art product that will completely revolutionize the way that you install your GGT footing. With its innovative interlocking tongue and groove design, it brings a new level of efficiency to installing a new arena base. Not only does it provide stability and drainage, but it can also reduce the amount of base necessary.

  • Minimize headache in setting up a base layer & drainage system.
  • Helps with drainage, water retention & stability.
  • Interlocking tongue & groove system for easy installation.
  • Offers concussion relief to horses’ fetlocks.
  • Excellent option for cement floors
GGT geo-textile Butterfly Mat

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GGT Arpolith

GGT’s Arpolith brings a new meaning to the term, “dust-free.” This footing addition will make it so that dust is no longer an issue for your arena and can bring you dust-free riding conditions all year-round. It is comprised of a totally organic material, volcanic ash. It is designed to hold water in order to keep dust down in your riding arena.

  • Will absorb 300 times its volume in moisture.
  • Reduce your arena watering needs.
  • Designed to work with all blends of GGT Footing.
  • One 44lb bucket will cover 1,000 sqft. of your riding arena.
GGT geo-textile Arpolith

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